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About Luke Trencevski

Luke Trencevski is an international personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur and author. Luke was born and raised in Macedonia, small country next to Greece,He lives in America for 11 years now!

Very passionate to help people be fit, get in shape, live better! Since he was a teenager, he has been helping people to live better life, thru personal improvement and motivation!

Luke help people reach next level in life and personal fulfillment, by teaching self discipline, the most important characteristic of successful people!

Luke had to overcome an enormous set of challenges in my life with ease, and he can help you to do the same thing, the best word to describe Luke is: Disciplined, ambitious, passionate, knowledgeable with and endless energy for helping people!

"I fell if i can help more people TO IMPROVE THEIR EXISTENCE IN THIS WORLD, THIS WORLD WILL BECOME A BETTER PLACE, because the world is run by people"
-Luke Trencevski

Luke has published 3 fitness ebooks on amazon.com

NASM-personal training
ISSA-personal training
NESTA-cuircuit trainer

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